Isoacoustics ISO-200 in Black

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The new ISO Series of speaker stands provide superior acoustic isolation and enhance the sound clarity of any speakers including studio monitors, home theatre systems and sound reinforcement.

With a lower profile and new contemporary design, the ISO Series of stands positions your studio closer to the supporting surface or meter bridge, and the new redesigned isolators moves the acoustic performance another step forward.

Stands can be configured to 3.75" or 8.5" in height, with inserts that provide a variety of tilt-up and tilt-down adjustments. In the lowest configuration, the monitor can be tilted down to focus the tweeter to a height below the original supporting surface - providing superior isolation and sound improvement.

ISO-200 - Short
In this case, the audio speaker stand is configured for 3.75" in height. Speaker can also be tilted for optimal listening angle. Usually speakers will be situated on a desktop or table.

ISO-200 - Long
Speaker stand is configured for 8.5" in height. Speaker can also be tilted up or down for exact listening angle. Can also be used for floor applications.

Tough, durable construction

  • Frame and inserts (used for tilting the speaker) constructed of high-density plastic and steel tubes
  • Isolators made of a high-modulus co-polymer that provides the perfect blend of strength and flexibility
  • Choice of sizes to fit a wide range of speakers manufacturers and sizes



Short: 3.75”/9.5cm
Tall: 8.5”/21.5cm

60 lbs/27.2kg

*Sold in pairs