Picking the right audio system for your home. Here's how!

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Picking the right audio system for your home. Here's how!

The market is amassed with plenty of sound bars and all in one audio players, most of which have compromised audio performance. Investing in a proper audio system is ideal for those who value quality movie time / quality music in the house. Here are 3 aspects to consider when making an informed decision and a worthwhile investment.

1) Your usage priorities: Music listening or Movies ?

Many systems / solutions out in the market can do both. To get the most and best out of your experience, it is essential that you determine the main use of your system.

If your main use is for music enjoyment, soundstage and tonal clarity would be of priority. Here, the investment on the front stereo speakers would be what you would like to consider since audio is the singular focus. The setup you would be looking for is a Stereo (2 Channel) setup.

Whereas for movies, imagery is the primary focus and the sound plays a secondary role to support the visuals. The speakers required are designed to produce a wide dynamic sonic range for movies with more volume output to create an immersive surround sound effect. For such usage, your focus would be a Surround Home Theatre system setup. There are plenty of configurations for this setup which can be considered to suit your needs.

If both are a priority, we recommend you invest in an AV receiver with an AV Bypass Function - an option to integrate a stereo amplifier seamlessly.

2) Room Acoustics and Size

The size of your room and acoustics play an important factor in determining the following: type of speakers, size of speakers, number of speakers, placement of speakers.

Moving into a new space?
Inform the audio consultant beforehand on the placement of your TV so as to run wires behind your feature wall if necessary. Pre-planning is important especially in the factoring of LAN points / power points as you do not want to have unsightly dangling cables.

Overall it would be good prepare a photo of your current living room to get a proper evaluation and advise on a suitable setup. For certain system set ups, audio calibration can be done to get the best sound quality based on your current room size and acoustics.

3) Budget vs Performance

Getting the best performance out of your investment depends on the configuration and setup of your system. Right speaker and electronic pairing is also crucial in bringing out the best of your system.

The amount you are willing to spend will determine the performance you get from your system. Everyone has different audio reference points, therefore it is important to test system before purchasing. Our ears have the ability to learn and appreciate quality music over time. Finding a system that is upgradeable is ideal as it gives you flexibility in improving your audio experience over the long run.

Generally for better performance: Have a dedicated system setup for each usage (Home Theatre / Stereo) and invest in good speakers as they stay with you longer

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