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Audio Bar by Absolute Sound

Absolute Sound represents the top premium home audio brands in the high fidelity industry since 1992. Founded on the love of music, it is our passion for accurate musical reproduction that drives us to deliver a rich and engaging experience to the ears of audiophiles and music lovers alike.

We specialise in providing quality audio solutions for residential and commercial spaces, from home theatre, stereo setups for your personal space to custom installation for your business space. View our works here. 


There's increasing competition in the 'premium wireless speaker' market, but Naim Mu-so 2 just crushed it. An awesome, thumping wall of sound and reliable, versatile software platform make for the perfect 21st-century music experience

T3 | Best Multi-room Speaker of the Year

"wide-open, fast, detailed and yet reassuringly weighty, it sets the standard all other integrated systems now have to beat."

EISA Awards 2019 | Best All-In-One System

As one-box systems go the Mu-So 2 is hard to beat. It combines superb construction with an easy control system and a sound that belies its dimensions. 

HI-FI World | 5 Globes


The Cobalt not only shows its stablemates a clean pair of heels, but achieves remarkable levels of performance for an outboard DAC, regardless of dimensions

Hi Fi News | Outstanding Product Award

AudioQuest’s Dragonfly wasn’t the first USB DAC, however, it was the first one to do its job so delightfully and so effortlessly. 

What HiFi | Best Hi Fi of the Decade

All three Dragonfly variants remain peerless in their ability to give us a near-as-damn-it uniform listening experience via a properly pocketable device.

Darko Audio | Product of the Decade

The Cobalt sounds more natural, more organic, and fuller. It works better with a wider genre of music. The Red, on the other hand, counters with a more energetic and punchy sound.

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